The Walls of the Temple Mount

This volume comprises the most comprehensive and detailed documentation of the walls of the Temple Mount to date, and is meant to serve as an accessible, updated database for anyone taking an interest in the Temple Mount.
The walls of the Temple Mount compoundג€”one of the most magnificent construction enterprises in all of antiquityג€”reflect the immense scale of King Herodג€™s vision of some two thousand years ago, a brilliant technological feat of vast dimensions and breathtaking beauty which continues to captivate our imagination even today. This innovative creation occupies a place of honor among the most splendid edifices of the ancient world, and in the cultural legacy of all humankind.
These are two volumes: one text and one book containing 6 maps of the walls of the Temple Mount on a scale of 1:300.
Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has excavated in ancient Jerusalem for more than thirty years, publishing numerous books and articles on the subject. She directed both the excavations at the summit of the City of David and at the Ophel, to the south of the Temple Mount.
Publication date: 2012
Bibliographic info: 320 pages + 6 fold out maps is second volume
Language: English