Holy Jerusalem Matza Holder

A stainless steel laser cut matzah holder, embellished with an modern and colorful adaptation of the ג€œHalf Shekelג€ coin.

ג€œHalf Shekelג€ Coin

These coins were given as an annual donation by every Jewish male to the Temple Mount. During the Great Revolt against Rome the coins were used in circulation. On one side of the coin is a branch with three pomegranates and the words ג€œHoly Jerusalemג€ in Ancient Hebrew. On the other side of the coin the words ג€œHalf Shekelג€ appear, along with a goblet and the letter ג€œAlefג€ marking the first year of the Great Revolt. The coin was found during the Temple Mount Sifting Operation at the Emek Tzurim National Park on the Mount of Olives and is dates the first year of the Great Revolt 66/67 CE. ֲ 

Artist: Dorit Klien

A City ofֲ Davidֲ Unique Design


Width 10 cm

Height 20ֲ cm